Natural History Showreel

From the towering pinnacles of Thailand, to the verdant rainforests of Madagascar, this compilation showcases some examples of my 4K Camera work, Drone and Gimbal operation, 8K time lapses, underwater photography and aptitude to operate in remote and hostile environments.  

Madagascar: Paradise in Peril

Paradise in Peril is a Natural History documentary about incredible biodiversity and endemic species that have evolved on the island in relative isolation. Of the 250,000 animal and plant species, an astonishing 90% are found no where else on earth. Travelling from several tropical islands off the North coast, down to the central highlands, through the verdant rainforests of the east, and across to the arid west coast - the film sets out to capture this incredibly unique flora, fauna and ever changing landscape. Over the 3000km travelled, the documentary features some of the islands rarest and most illusive species, from the smallest primate in the world, the Mouse Lemur. To the islands top predator, the Fossa as well as many endemic Insects and Chameleons such as Giraffe Weevils or Brookesia Stumfi. 


NGO / Documentary 


Madagascar: Ocean Plastics

In collaboration with Madagascar Research Conservation Institute, A Plastic Ocean sets out to uncover the fast growing issue of plastic pollution on the islands off the Northern Coast. Madagascar’s rich biodiversity, wealth of endemic species and marine life are suffering as a result of an increase in plastic plastic waste, much of which is finding its way onto once pristine coastlines and polluting the surrounding oceans. Over the course of 5 weeks, myself and a team of researches, scientists and marine biologists set out to delve deep into the issue. Setting out on a research expedition by boat, we visited many islands off the Northern coast conducting surveys and interviewing many of the locals, municipality and business owners.

Inspirasia Foundation

Inspirasia Foundation is an NGO based in Indonesia that supports various charities with initiatives ranging from sexual health education, disability support & prosthetics, rehabilitation and poverty relief. I was commissioned to produce a series of documentary style short films that follow success stories of individuals supported by each of the six charities. The shoot took us all over the island filming in some of the most remote areas; from Ban Village, located on the edge of the active Mount Agung Volcano, to the mountainous east of Bali where we followed the incredible story of Pak Made Darma, a paraplegic supported by the charity Puspadi Bali.

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